Are You Sending Out Dozens Of Resumes But Not Getting Any Interviews?

You know you are right for the job, but convincing a potential interviewer of that is tough.

If your resume isn’t done well, it will be really hard to open those much-needed interview doors.

If you aren’t being called for interviews then you will never secure the job you deserve.

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Learn the right way to write your resume so it gets you through the door

Do you want more opportunities to get in front of hiring managers and key decision-makers?

If so, you need to ensure your resume is:

Presented well and contains the right content.

Also you must ensure that this content is written in a way that has an impact on the reader and presents you in the best possible light.

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Most resumes get rejected in 6 seconds

You need to ensure your resume isn’t ignored.

If your resume isn’t done right, then it will be overlooked time and time again.

If you aren’t securing those crucial job interviews, then nothing will change.

How will you feel, if, in 6 or 12 months time, you are still applying for jobs?

By contrast, how you feel if you have landed your dream job?

Rejected Resumes In A Waste Bin

The Winning Resume Overnight Program

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For Your Resume To Secure The Interviews You Deserve, It Comes Down To Three Things:

First, your overall presentation should be easy to read and create a great impression of you. That way, the reader is encouraged to read for longer than 6 seconds.

Second, you should know exactly which content you should include and which should be left. This will mean, the reader can see you are right for the job you’re applying for.

And third, your content should be presented using methods which ensure you stand out from hundreds of other applicants.

Instead of getting more stressed each day about why you aren’t getting the job interviews you deserve, in just one night you can learn and apply these winning resume methods.

If you do this, then not only will you feel differently about job hunting, but things will actually start to change as well.

Here’s what you’ll get

Bite-sized, structured program videos that can be watched anywhere.

Easy to follow step-by-step instructions in video and workbook format.

Bite-Sized Videos

This means things won’t get boring or overwhelming so you can easily create a winning resume without any confusion or stress.

Resume Templates You Can Swipe

You can easily copy and paste your info into a great looking format that won’t be overlooked in the first 6 seconds of reading.

Real-Life Case Studies

Practical examples mean it will be a breeze for you to use the content and the right words to really impress.

Handy Guided Workbook

Insert your info as you go. A guided step-by-step process which gets you to your interview generating resume quickly and easily.

What You'll Learn


Module One - How To Present Your Resume

Here’s what you will discover:

Find the perfect length for your resume

The best layout to use

Choose the best font types and sizes

Using proven presentation methods that work is crucial if you want to get past that first 6 seconds!


Module Two - Which Content

Here’s what you will discover:

Exactly which content you should include

The best way to present your past work history and education

The best skills and qualifications you should include

Once we show you the content that hiring managers actually want to see, it will be easy for your resume to show them they should spend time interviewing you


Module Three - Build Your Winning Resume

Here’s what you will discover:

How to strategically combine the different sections in the best way possible

Bring together all the hacks in the right way so you have created a resume that catches the attention of hiring managers, enabling you to stand out from the masses of other applicants


Module Four - How To Address Very Little Or No Work Experience

Here’s what you will discover:

How to present your education and work history with the right details and how to use the types of words that will impress a potential Hiring Manager – whether you have any related work experience or not.

Even if you don’t have any related work experience, this program will guide you how to solve this major ‘Catch 22’ issue!

Kay Farnell In The Office

Why Kay / About Your Tutor:

Are you a new graduate looking for your first environmental job?

Or are you a seasoned professional looking for your next challenge?

After almost 20 years working as a recruiter for environmental jobs, I’ve discovered resume secrets that will get you interviews.

I’ve successfully helped hundreds of job-seekers secure the environmental job they want.

These resume steps and interview techniques really work!

When job seekers apply my secrets, they get the jobs they deserve 100% of the time – whether you are a new graduate or seasoned pros my advice will really work for you!

People who followed my advice were successful in securing jobs with a whole range of organisations.

If you implement these easy to follow steps, you too can secure a job you will be proud of.

Access All My Resume Writing Knowledge

Gain access to all of my knowledge gained over the last 20 years.

All Resume Program Content + Kay's feedback on your CV once you've updated it

  • All Winning Resume Program Video Content
  • Video feedback from Kay on your re-written resume, so you ensure you have definitely presented yourself in the best possible light
  • This feedback is tailored to your specific situation, so you end up with a superbly finished CV

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Winning Resume Overnight Program

  • Bite-Sized Videos – easily create a winning resume without any confusion or stress.
  • Resume Templates You Can Swipe – easily copy and paste your info into a great looking format that won’t be overlooked in the first 6 seconds of reading.
  • Real-Life Case Studies – it will be a breeze for you to use the content and the right words to really impress.
  • Handy Guided Workbook – insert your info as you go. A guided step-by-step process which gets you to your interview generating resume quickly and easily.
  • Bonus Interview Preparation Hacks – be confident and prepared to secure your dream job once you finally start securing the interviews you deserve.

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Money back guarantee

The fact is, enrolling in this program is totally risk-free.

If you decide that the program isn’t for you within 7 days of buying it, we’ll refund your $97 payment completely – no questions asked!

You have absolutely nothing to lose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Well, if you pay someone to write your CV it will go against you for two important reasons;

Number one – If you pay a professional company to write your resume, it’s probably going to be full of generic clichés that are used by these companies. If this happens, it’s very possible the hiring manager will spot this a mile off and reject your application due to that. This document exists to convince a hiring manager that you are worth spending time interviewing. If they believe you can’t be bothered to write your own CV, do you think that will impress them enough to spend time interviewing you?

Number two – As I already mentioned. Your CV doesn’t exist to get you a job, it’s a document that exists to get you a job interview.

If you are successful in being called for an interview, then this is the document that will be referred to. If you haven’t written it yourself, then how on earth will you be able to come across well when you talk about what’s written down? If you haven’t written this document yourself you could well shoot yourself in the foot at interview if you can’t ‘talk with authority’ about the different points in your CV.

Therefore, in my opinion, one of the most important things to do with respect to the CV you send to potential employers is that you MUST MUST MUST write it yourself.

My expertise is so sought after my hourly rate is $600. I understand this is out of the reach of most graduates and professionals. I wanted to make my expertise accessible for those who need it the most. So, I compiled this series of short videos so you can easily learn what I would convey to you in a one to two-hour consulting session.

Yes. When people follow the exact steps I lay out in this program things always start to change for them. Their resume starts getting noticed and they start getting the interviews they should.

Absolutely. Module 4 of this program outlines exactly how to get over this hurdle and get your resume noticed. You already have the skills and even if you don’t have related work experience this program will show you how to start getting the interviews you should.

Definitely. One person in this situation who bought the course is 64 years old. Helen said, after many years she had stopped getting responses to her applications. This program enabled Helen to give her CV a much need revamp and enabled her to present her work experience really strongly and start securing interviews.

Yes. It’s all about how you present the different chapters of your life. This program shows you how to present things in a way that really makes you stand out from other applicants. One recent student – Madeleine Florin recently secured a new environmental job after not being in an industry-related role for over six years!

To recap, you’re getting:

>> Step-by-Step Videos – each of a duration that’s really easy for you to absorb and apply to your studies and experience

>> Resume Templates You Can Swipe

>> Interview Prep Hacks

>> Handy Guided Workbook

>> Real-Life Case Studies

Yes if after watching these videos you don’t feel the content matches what we claim then we will give your money back straight away, no questions asked.

It's Time For Things To Change!

Are you ready to start landing your dream job interviews?

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