Can I Just Hire Someone To Write My Resume For Me?

(& Other Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Why Do You Not Recommend Hiring a Professional Resume Writer?

A: Well, if you pay someone to write your CV it will go against you for two important reasons;

Number one – If you pay a professional company to write your resume, it’s probably going to be full of generic clichés that are used by these companies. If this happens it’s very possible the Hiring Manager will spot this a mile off and reject your application due to that. This document exists to convince a Hiring Manager that you are worth spending time interviewing. If they believe you can’t be bothered to write your own CV, do you think that will impress them enough to spend time interviewing you?

Number two – As I already mentioned. Your CV doesn’t exist to get you a job, it’s a document that exists to get you a job interview.

If you are successful in being called for an interview, then this is the document that will be referred to. If you haven’t written it yourself, then how on earth will you be able to come across well when you talk about what’s written down? If you haven’t written this document yourself you could well shoot yourself in the foot at interview if you can’t ‘talk with authority’ about the different points in your CV.

Therefore, one of the most important things to do with respect to the CV you send to potential employers is that you MUST MUST MUST write it yourself.

Q: Why Are You Giving This Away For Just $49

A: My expertise is so sought after my hourly rate is $500. I understand this is out of the reach of most graduates and professionals so I decided a great way to make my expertise accessible for those who need it the most was to compile a video program which goes over what I normally teach people in that hour.

Q: Do You Really Have a 100% Success Rate?

A: Yes. When people follow the exact steps I lay out in this program things always start to change for them. Their resume starts getting noticed and they start getting interviews.

Q: Can I Get My Money Back If I am not happy?

A: Yes if after watching these videos you don’t feel the content matches what we claim then we will give your money back straight away, no questions asked.

Q: I’m a new grad with no experience. Will this work for me?

A: Absolutely. Module 4 of this program outlines exactly how to get over this hurdle and get your resume noticed.

Q: I’m a mature job seeker. Will this work for me?

A: Definitely. One person in this situation who bought the course is 64 years old. Helen said after many years she had stopped getting responses to her applications. This program enabled Helen to give her CV a much need revamp and enabled her to present her work experience really strongly.

Q: I’ve been out of the workforce for a long time. Will this work?

A: Yes. It’s all about how you present the different chapters of your life. This program shows you how present things in a way that really makes you stand out from other applicants.

Q: What do I get with the course?

To recap, you’re getting:

>> Step-by-Step Videos

>> Resume Templates You Can Swipe

>> Interview Prep Hacks

>> Handy Guided Workbook

>> Real-Life Case Studies


Learn How To Write A Resume That Gets Interviews In One Hour (Guaranteed)