Knowing how to write a cover letter is really important. The purpose of your cover letter is to entice the Hiring Manager to read your resume. If you don’t know how to write a cover letter correctly then your CV might not ever be read!

There’s a stack of cover letter examples on the internet, but if you are short on time to devote to Google, check out our cover letter tips below.

How To Write A Cover Letter – 5 Easy Hacks

1. Keep your document short

On average it takes 6 seconds for your CV to be read. Thus it is probable that a Hiring Manager will devote only 1-2 seconds reading the ‘window to your CV’ aka your cover letter!

2. Make this introductory letter as specific as you can

Address it by name to the appropriate person in the company. If you can’t find out the correct name the job title should be easier.

Ensure you include the title of the job you are applying for.

Briefly detail out why you are a fit for one or two aspects of the job description.

3. Showcase your research in a positive manner –

Related to the above point – use your cover letter as an opportunity to show them you’ve been researching areas such as company achievements and culture.

4. Make it original, include extra information –

By this we mean don’t just copy a section of your curriculum vitae and paste it into your cover letter, when you briefly detail out how you are a good fit for one or two aspects of the job description.

5. Close in a way that is polite and secure follow-up expectations –

Thank the reader for reading your cover letter and let them know you will be in touch within a certain timeframe to see if they require any further information.

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