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Kay Farnell has worked in the recruitment sector of the environmental industry for 20 years.

Kay has a 100% success rate of helping job seekers to re-write their CVs so they could secure those all-important job interviews. This means –every single person Kay has helped with their resume was successful in securing job interviews!

This course is written by someone with the expertise to give you the right advice. It will enable you to easily gain the knowledge you need to write your own winning resume.

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Watch Kay’s videos (about 5 mins in total) to learn more about how this course is the easiest way to ensure your resume gives you the best possible chance to get your dream job

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Stephen Faith

Stephen Faith

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Kay Farnell

Kay Farnell

Environmental Recruitment Expert

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Apple Joy

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“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”.

Henry Ford

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